Improve the quality of air in your home by using the Airmag air purifier and humidifier.

Discover the radiator air purifier and humidifier which cleans and humidifies the air in your home at the same time.You can create a comfortable and healthy enviornment for you and your family.

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Expert opinion

Dr. Ema Mušič, lung deseases and allergies specialist, the Golnik hospital
The Airmag air humidifier is an excellent choice for cleaning and humidifying air in closed rooms because it enables a living space which is clean and suitable for our respiratory system.

Properties of the Airmag air humidifier

Dry and unclean air in our spaces affects our well-being badly and can cause respiratory deseases. The Airmag humidifyer humidifies the air, partly cleans the dust and brings the air quality closer to the one in the atmosphere.

Clinically tested

The Airmag product was clinically tested in the pulmonology clinic of the Golnik hospital.

It prevents some serious diseases

It humidifies the air and partly cleans the dust which helps to prevent numerous deseases and allergies.

Excellent air quality

The Airmag air humidifier assures you excellent air quality, which is comparable to the one in the atmosphere.

It works without electricity

It works on the basis of using the physical laws of air and water. This is why it doesn’t need electric power.

It humidifies the air with water vapors.

Inovativna zasnova omogoča vlaženje na osnovi vodnih hlapov in ne vodne pare, kot pri ostalih vlažilci

Ideal air humidity

It’s inovative design enables humidification on the basis of water vapors .The water in the humidifier heats to 30°C at most.

The wall behind your radiator will always be clean.

The Airmag air humidifier binds the dust parts in the air to itself so they do not rise with the hot air from the radiator.

It is suitable for any kind of radiator.

The Airmag air humidifier can be installed on you radiator with magnets and width-adjustable holders.

Easy cleaning

You can easily clean the humidifier with the enclosed cleaning fluid when it becomes filled with the dirt of the refined air over time.

How does the Airmag air humidifier work?

Airmag air humidifier humidifies the air with the help of its special inovative technology. It humidifies the air with water vapors and assures you a beneficial air humidity.

The Airmag humidifier has been successfully asserting on the Slovenian market for the last couple of years. It works without electricity, the air is humidified by water vapors only and the dirt which floats in the air deposits on the bottom of the humidifier. But at the same time, the humidifier provides us with air which is comparable to the air that we breathe in the nature.

Most of the already known air humidifiers evaporate water, which means that the water is heated to a higher temperature. Steam drops drop on cool objects and then a small quantity of them vaporizes in the air. The Airmag humidifier works without electricity and is run by the buoyancy of hot air which is created by a warm radiator.

Heated and dry air, which is directed to go through the middle of the humidifier then humidifies and spreads. And by doing that improves the quality of the indoor air. In this way one liter of water less a day is vaporized, which helps with different allergies, nose, throat and eye infections, as well as asthmatics, people with chronical respiratory system deseases and those with skin problems. It also prevents and cures common winter illnesses.

What kind of damage can dry air cause?

Dry and unclean air in living spaces affects our well-being badly and can cause respiratory system desease. It also absorbs the good and the bad dampness around you.

Radiator heating makes the air really dry. Measurments have shown that when you are using radiator heating in your home, there is only 25% Rh ( relative humidity). But the criteria is two times higher. It determines that 40-60% Rh is needed for normal living.

Normally, we humidify our spaces by ventilating them, which is a completely wrong thing to do during winter. The air in our atmosphere drops the dampness off on trees and the ground when temperature descends below 0°C. But the air in our living spaces gets really dry and cold if we ventilate them during winter, so it needs to be heated and humidified again.

Humidifying dry air is a problem because it gets even drier with heating. Warm and dry air soaks everything humid from the space that we live in up (f.e. humid from wood, walls, plants..) including people and animals, which means that our respiratory system and uncoverd parts of our body are exposed.

What makes the Airmag humidifier better?

Different air humidifiers humidify the air with vaporization which makes the humid level in our living spaces rise but leaves the air humidity level low. The Airmag inovation, which wan many awards, humidifies the air with water vapours and this makes it way more efficient.

Quality air filters are technically extremely complex and too expensive for normal use in offices and households. There are some devices on the market which clean and humidify the air simultaneously but their quality, maintenance and price are questionable. It is known that low quality maintenance and unpunctual filter change of aeration devices cause ,any infections and allergies.

Some electric air humidifiers, also named evaporators, can evaporate more than 7 liters of water a day. This steam condenses on objects and then slips on glass, walls or wood as water. You can imagine the quantity of humid in you living space if you leave this quantity of water to boil all day, every day. It results in humidity of our living space as well as our clothes, objects and even food. It can cause development of different moulds and algae which makes everything worse.

Improve the quality of air in your home. Choose the Airmag air humidifier and purifier.

Order the Airmag radiator air humidifier and purifier which cleans and humidifies the air in your living spaces simultaneously. Create a healthy and comfortable living enviornment for you and your family.

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Appartment – max 2 rooms

1x large Airmag, 1x small Airmag
1x maintenance kit

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Appartment – max 4 rooms

2x large Airmag, 1x small Airmag
1x maintenance kit

99 EUR

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House – max 5 rooms

3x large Airmag, 1x small Airmag
1x maintenace kit

129 EUR

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House – max 7 rooms

4x large Airmag, 2x small Airmag
2x maintenance kit

199 EUR

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